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Childs party with African Drums

Children (6-8 years)

Come with all your friends this Africa childs party. Everybody gets a big drum and we go deep inside the jungle. As the chief of the village you can play with sticks on the big base drums. Together we make music and we play! We have games like passing the rhythm through the group or a chair dance with drums. Above all we make fun. Call for more information!

Children (9-14 years)

All music starts with rhythm. African drumming is at the root of all modern pop-music. Through the jazz and blues it reached your favorite artists who know play Funk, Grunge, House and Hip Hop. Learn the rhythms on djembe and doun doun, the traditional African based rums. It takes little time to play along with your cd’s or even your own songs and maybe you can already play a solo! Come and play djembe; discover your own talents!

Drums stimulate social abilities and the centers of language


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