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Doun Doun Workshop

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The doun douns are the big African base drums, that you play with large sticks. With a small individual contributions you create a complex rhytmic unity. When you start to get in the groove, be alert! Unexpected break will sweep you from your feet.

African rhythm are interlocking and therefor demand a very precise cooperation. Exactly where the other leave a free spot, you have to hit the drum. Together you create a rhythmic melody. In daily African life this is often used, where the rhythm accompanies the work in the field and set the pace for cooperation. For example, women crush the grain with large levers, never hitting each other. Three men in the smith working place blow the metal in astounding speed alternating each other, leaving the steel red hot glowing.

In this workshop you first learn to play the different parts of a rhythm. Then you can play all the parts at once on the three base drums: kenkeni, sangban and doundounba. The douns as counterpart of the high-pitched djembe, brings African music to live. Understanding and feeling the base drums help you to play together and hear the essence of the music.


Insulindestraat 68
3038 JB in Rotterdam Noord
Easy to reach bij Tram or train.
Tram 25 to Schiebroek stop at Schieweg
10 minutes walk from Central train station.

By car also easy going. Near the highway A20. No parking costs after 18:00 O’Clock at the Voorburgstraat. Backside of the venue.